Wedding Toast Advice | Complete Wedings + Events | Jacksonville, FL

Have you been assigned the daunting role of delivering a wedding toast? Fear not, we have your back with some expert tips to not only help you survive your speech, but to rock it!

•Don’t feel the need to compete with the maid of honor or best man with the best wedding speech. Any loving words you share will be appreciated by the happy couple.

• Introduce yourself. Most of the guests probably know you, but there are likely a few who do not and this background informotion can be vital to your speech.

• Tell a joke or two. No one will remember that you looked nervous if you made them crack up with a simple/clean joke about the couple.

• Remember who the speech is ultimately for. When you get serious, make eye contact with the couple so that they feel the sentiment in your words.

• Have fun. Weddings are all about having a good time, so don’t stress about a little speech. Enjoy the night with friends and family.

• FinalIy, rely on your expert DJ for music or timing needs to enhance your speech. And smile big for the expert Photographer/Videographer team who will make your awesome speech last forever!

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